Welcome to the Bilingual Primary School of the Heidelberg Private School Center

The Heidelberg Private School Centre’s (HPC) bilingual primary school provides pupils with a unique learning experience in a play-orientated environment. The bilingual approach means that pupils gain an intense education of English as a foreign language alongside the German language.
This bilingual specialisation in the primary school is based on the current primary school education plan and curriculum.

Benefits of bilingual teaching

  • Bilingual teaching benefits pupils by taking into account the intellectual challenge of both language competence and subject competence. • It benefits the educational institution by responding flexibly to the real demands of professional life.
  • It assists the individual school in raising the profile of foreign language teaching.
  • Furthermore, multicultural education enhances intercultural tolerance which is paramount in the bilingual primary school.

We offer a bilingual primary school to all school-aged children and their parents who are looking for a full day of classes where English-language skills are emphasised alongside other skills. Nowadays, a greater importance is attached to the learning of foreign languages and greater attention is paid to this area of learning. Our school is particularly suitable for children with a strong interest in languages who come from a bilingual or English-speaking background.

Our Primary school is state-approved and funded by the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg.